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Aluminum alloy building profiles: quality problems can not be ignored

Published on:2020-08-15 11:07:29 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

The application of aluminum alloy building profile products covers all the buildings in the city. Its quality directly affects the quality of construction engineering and the application performance and safety performance of products. Recently, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision has carried out provincial supervision and inspection on the quality of aluminum alloy building profiles. A total of 50 batches of products produced by 48 enterprises were inspected, 24 batches were qualified, and the sampling qualified rate was 48.0%. The inspection report shows that the quality problems of some products of aluminum alloy building profiles can not be ignored.

According to the relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, enterprises that do not pay attention to product inspection, enterprises with poor production conditions deliberately reduce the standard organization of production and pursue economic benefits unilaterally are the primary factors for the decline of the overall quality level of professional products. It is found that some unqualified enterprises have a common feature. The products in the finished product warehouse have no package, no certificate, no implementation standard, no production license number and the name of the manufacturer. These products are usually produced from scrap aluminum. They are not operated according to the surface treatment process rules, nor do product inspection. Although the cost is low, the product quality is very poor.

The inspection results show that in recent years, the overall level of aluminum alloy building profiles has made further progress, the production technology and ability of enterprises have been significantly enhanced, and the scale of enterprises has gradually expanded. The first quality problem found in this inspection: first, the thickness of oxide film is unqualified. Among the 26 batches of unqualified products, the oxide film thickness of 8 batches of products failed to meet the requirements of the specification. The thickness of oxide film is the primary index to determine the external corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy building profiles. If the index is unqualified, it is easy to corrode the products in the process of application, weaken the mechanical properties of the products, reduce the service life of the products, affect the normal use of consumers, and bury serious hidden dangers. The first reason is that some enterprises cut corners in order to reduce the cost; the second is that the wall thickness of the products is not up to standard. Among the 26 batches of unqualified products, the wall thickness of 25 batches of products failed to meet the requirements of specifications and rules. The doors and windows made of this kind of unqualified aluminum alloy building profiles will lead to the decrease of the wind pressure strength of the products, easy to deform, and even cause safety accidents.

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