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Main accessories of industrial aluminum profiles

Published on:2020-08-15 11:04:29 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

     There are various kinds of industrial aluminum profile accessories, which can basically meet the needs of designers. The main accessories are bolts, nuts, corner pieces, connectors, end face connecting plate, interval connecting block, elastic fastener, movable hinge, shoe angle and caster.


(1) The main bolts are special bolts, special half round head bolts, special round head bolts, flat machine bolts and T-type bolts. Industrial aluminum profile frame generally adopts internal link mode, using special semicircular head bolts or special bolts. Before installation, it is necessary to tap and drill process installation holes at the section connection; special round head bolts are commonly used for high-strength connection of two sections of profiles, and drilling and tapping are required at the predetermined position when connecting; flat machine bolts and T-nuts are used to match with decorative parts such as hinges, handles and profiles Connection: T-bolt is directly put into the profile groove, and it can be automatically positioned and locked during installation. It is often used with flange nuts. It is an important connector for installing angle pieces and other profile accessories. According to different profiles, slot width and installation requirements, T-bolts of different specifications and lengths can be selected.


(2) Nuts are mainly flange nuts, square nuts, T-nuts and elastic nuts. Flange nut is matched with T-bolt, which is used when installing angle pieces and other profile accessories; T-nut can fix other connectors simply and safely in the groove of profile, and it can automatically position and lock during assembly; square nut should be pre inserted into the groove of profile to connect various accessories on profile; elastic nut can be directly inserted into the groove of profile for any assembly The spring steel ball on its back can fix its position, which makes the installation very simple and reliable. It is one of the most used accessories in profile connection.


(3) Corner pieces are commonly used connectors for aluminum profiles. They are generally used for vertical or cross connection of aluminum profiles. There are three types of corner pieces: common corner pieces, strength angle pieces and steering angle pieces. The common corner pieces are used to strengthen the support force of the connected profile points, and can also be used as the connection mode of the profiles to be moved; the strong angle pieces are commonly used to support and fix the profile points under strong or vibration; the steering angle pieces are used for the connection of cross profiles.

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