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Identification method of industrial aluminum alloy profiles

Published on:2020-08-15 10:58:07 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

    Industrial aluminum alloy profile is a hot-melt kneading section profile of aluminum rod, which is widely used, beautiful and durable, and has a long application time. Because of the large market demand, the brand and quality of Kunshan industrial aluminum alloy profiles are mixed. For those fine equipment manufacturing enterprises that require high quality and high precision, if the use of unqualified profiles, the result is very serious. This article to talk about Kunshan industrial aluminum alloy profile identification method, how not to step on the pit!


Kunshan industrial aluminum alloy profile is a kind of alloy profile. We can generally distinguish it from six aspects. The details are as follows:


    1. Appearance inspection: This is one of the most simple methods to distinguish. We can directly observe the appearance of aluminum alloy profiles with naked eyes. If the profile surface is rough, there are bubbles, black spots, corrosion, cracks and other phenomena. Then the quality of the profile is not up to standard, either the selected material aluminum bar is impure, doped with waste aluminum, or in the production process, improper operation, forming the profile appearance damage. The appearance of qualified profiles should be neat, beautiful and evenly covered with a layer of protective film, and the cross section should be neat without wire drawing.


    2. Label inspection: qualified industrial aluminum alloy profiles should have product specification code, quality certificate, production license number, etc.


    3. Profile sealing: this process is generally not detected by naked eyes, and professional things and methods are required to check. Generally, the acid leaching method is used, and the special liquid medicine is applied to the surface of the profile. After standing, the liquid medicine is wiped off. If the trace left on the surface of the profile is larger, the smaller the sealing plug is.


    4. Corrosion resistance: this method is also the selection of professional things and methods for testing, corrosion resistance affects the use of aluminum alloy profiles.


    5. Profile oxide film thickness: this method is not visible to the naked eye, the need to use a film tester for testing.


    6. Section wall thickness and meter weight: the detailed wall thickness and meter weight of each profile are marked by the aluminum plant, which can be measured by themselves and detected by measuring tools. However, generally speaking, there will be some differences in this data, because it is formed during the production of mold kneading. If the difference is large, it means that the profile is unqualified.


    To sum up, the identification methods of industrial aluminum alloy profiles are: appearance inspection, label inspection, profile sealing, corrosion resistance, oxide film thickness, profile wall thickness and meter weight.


    Hope the above content can help you in the selection of industrial aluminum alloy profile manufacturers do not step on the pit.

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