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Why should aluminum products be anodized

Published on:2020-08-15 11:13:06 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

In China's modern history, since the reform and opening up, China's industry has been rapid development and progress, so today we Kunshan Fuyong aluminum products processing want to talk with us, why aluminum alloy anodizing processing technology.

As far as the market is concerned, there are many surface treatment processes for aluminum alloy, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Today, we mainly talk about the advantages of anodizing process. The following is from the aluminum alloy anodizing processing factory fuyongye to introduce the advantages of anodizing processing technology for us!

I believe we all know that after anodizing, aluminum products will form a layer of oxidation resistance, rust prevention, corrosion protection, wear-resistant oxide film, and this kind of oxide film in the natural ecological environment, its performance is very stable and safe, but also can protect the surface of aluminum products and maintenance.

As far as the nature of anodizing process is concerned, it is generally divided into functional oxidation processing parts and appearance oxidation parts. According to the current market analysis, the current anodizing process and methods can meet the requirements of most products and enterprises. No matter for functional parts, generally speaking, it is necessary to achieve oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, film thickness and roughness The anodizing process of workpieces with certain requirements can also be satisfied, and the appearance parts will be more concise. As far as the color of market convention is concerned, it can be easily done, so that the anodizing process is deeply loved by major enterprises and the market.

These are the advantages of aluminum anodizing process. If we do not understand what we do not understand, we are welcome to Kunshan aluminum products manufacturers to understand the consultation

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