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High strength industrial aluminum profiles

Published on:2020-08-15 11:11:56 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

We know that the general industrial aluminum profiles are 6063 trademark aluminum alloy, knead after air cooling quenching, that is, T5 condition. The results show that the strength of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy is more than 160 MPa and the bending strength is more than 110 MPa. This kind of strength is only moderate in aluminum alloy, but this brand of aluminum alloy is widely used. Why is that?

Among the aluminum alloys with high strength is 7 series aluminum alloy, also known as aviation aluminum alloy. The strength of 7075 aluminum alloy is close to steel, the tensile strength can reach 570 MPa and the yield strength is 505 MPa. However, it has defects, poor welding performance, general corrosion resistance, difficult kneading and high processing cost. Therefore, 7-series aluminum alloy is rarely used in industrial field.

6063 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, good formability, weldability and machinability. The hardness and strength of 6063 aluminum alloy are not good, but they can meet the needs of industry and construction. There are also some industries on the alloy strength requirements are relatively high, but also corrosion resistance or good welding performance. Such as solar frame, aluminum alloy tray and so on. Hongfa nonferrous can meet these requirements. We are specialized in producing high strength industrial aluminum profiles. The tensile strength and yield strength of 6063-T5 aluminum profile produced by us can reach more than 200MPa and 180MPa respectively. It is especially suitable for the frame and industrial accessories with high strength requirements.

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