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What are the aluminum profiles for assembly line

Published on:2020-08-15 11:09:10 source:http://www.winsmetal.com/

Pipeline aluminum profiles generally refer to those used in the mechanical automation industry.

Aluminum alloy is used in the production line, so it is called the production line for aluminum alloy profile. Assembly line aluminum profile is also called industrial aluminum profile, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum kneading profile.

For the latter three kinds of titles, the scope of pipeline aluminum profile is smaller, and the scope of application is smaller. The production line aluminum profiles in the industry are generally used in the production line worktable, multiple chain, pipeline transportation line, automation equipment rack, equipment structure, workshop fence application and so on.

It has more standards and series. Users generally select materials according to their own requirements. Common assembly line aluminum profiles are classified into national standard and European standard. The difference between the two is simply that the use of different accessories, profile edge transition is also different.

At present, the application mode of national standard pipeline profile and European standard pipeline profile is the same. Are used to make a variety of conveyor line worktable support. Its series standards range from 15 series profiles to 120 series profiles, which can meet the needs of different users.

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